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With its small and compact design in combination with its durable and robust quality, the STU-300B LCD signature pad is ideally suited for professionals who work with eDocuments. 
The STU-300B enables to capture handwritten electronic signatures without having to print off hardcopies. This will boost the workflow efficiency significantly: customers will be able to sign contracts, approve payments and confirm deliveries quickly and securely – without any paper documents. 
  • Used flat on desk or counter to capture handwritten digital signatures
  • High resolution and superior accuracy
  • Anti-glare etched glass for a natural, paper-like feel
  • AES128bit/DH encryption for secure data transfer
Use case scenarios for eSignature 
Wacom´s STU-300B is ideal for transactions at banks, insurance agents working in the field or credit card sales at Point-of-Sale. While the customer is viewing the document on a laptop or PC monitor, the signature will be captured on the STU-300B for approving the transaction.