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F7-C/ID Fingerprint Standalone Access Control FBL2000 Series FR1200
GL300 IN02-A Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access control Terminal K14 Internet SSR Fingerprint Time Clock
KF460 Face Time Attendance Terminal with Access Control Functions LD 5030 BAGGAGE / PARCEL X-RAY INSPECTION SYSTEM LX50 2.8 TFT SSR Fingerprint Time Attendance
MB460-ID MB560-VL Linux-Based Hybrid Biometric Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal with Visible Light Facial Recognition Multibio 800 Multi-biometric Access Control and Time Attendance Terminal
P160 Palm Recognition Multi-Biometric T&A Terminal with Access Control Functions PB3130 L/R PB4000 Series
SA40 SBT1000S SpeedFace-V5L[TD] Face & Palm Verification and Body Temperature Detection Terminal
TS1000 Pro TS2000 Pro uFace302 Multi-Biometric T&A and Access Control Terminal
uFace800/ID UHF Card Issuer UHF+RFID+Reader
X8s ZK-D100S Hand Held Metal Detector ZK-D1065S 6 Zones Standard
ZK-D3180S 18 Zones Standard ZK-D3180S with 18 Zones (Standard) ZKX-5030A